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Fryd Extracts Juicy Melon Dew

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Introducing Juicy Melon Dew Strain from Fryd Extracts

Looking for a new way to enjoy cannabis? Look no further than Fryd Extracts Juicy Melon Dew strain! This unique hybrid strain is sure to delight your senses with its fruity aroma and potent effects. Read on to learn more about the genetics and THC percentage of this exciting new strain.

Juicy Melon Dew Strain Genetics and THC Percentage

Juicy Melon Dew is a cross between two popular strains: Watermelon Zkittlez and Lemon Tree. The result is a perfectly balanced hybrid that delivers both uplifting and relaxing effects. With a THC percentage ranging from 18-22%, Juicy Melon Dew is a potent strain that’s perfect for both experienced and novice cannabis users.

 Why Choose Fryd Extracts Juicy Melon Dew Strain?

Fryd Extracts is committed to producing high-quality cannabis products, and their Juicy Melon Dew strain is no exception. With a focus on using only the best genetics and extraction methods, Fryd Extracts delivers a premium product that’s sure to exceed your expectations. Whether you’re looking for a new strain to try or you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur, Juicy Melon Dew from Fryd Extracts is the perfect choice.

In summary,  Juicy Melon Dew strain is a hybrid that’s sure to please. With its fruity aroma, balanced effects, and potent THC percentage, this strain is perfect for anyone looking for a new way to enjoy cannabis. So why wait? Try Juicy Melon Dew today and experience the Fryd Extracts disposable difference!


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