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Fryd Cactus Cooler Flavor

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Cactus Cooler Flavor

The Cactus cooler by fryd extracts is a sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain which emits a piercing lemon scent combined with sweet wildflower. This flavor is created by combining delicious  Tropical punch strain with the classic Pop Rocks strain. The smell isn’t quite powerful as the flavor. Not all strains are like this fryd cactus cooler as some potent strains can be a nightmare for people without vaping experience.

Is Fryd Cactus Cooler an indica or hybrid?

Cactus Cooler is a mixed balanced hybrid of blue slush strain, pop rocks strain and tropical punch strain. The potency of this our hybrid flavor is overwhelming with a great high and delicious taste is something users will have to try.

The cactus cooler strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid. With a 70:30 sativa-to-indica ratio. Many vapers consume this flavor usually in the morning or afternoon due to its fast-acting, stimulating, and energizing effects. If you decide to use this strain in the evening, then bear in mind that its high is quite long-lasting, so getting to sleep may be a problem later at night.

Effects of Liquid Diamond Fryd 

Fryd disposables vapes have a very relaxing state they leave consumers in. This 2 grams disposables help with anxiety and stress, leaving you in a very chilled state.

Some few flavors can put you in an energetic and creative state. This mainly boils down to the strain used in the production of the liquid diamonds.

Each fryd extracts flavor has a unique aroma  and fruity taste, the terpene in this extracts will help uplift your mood and give you energy which our products quite popular and exceptional.

Here at FRYD EXTRACTS we focused on creating high quality, and flavorful vaping products. Our fryd disposables are made from top-notch ingredients and strains and are designed to provide users with an unparalleled 2 grams vaping experience.

About Cactus Cooler Flavor

Cactus cooler is one of the most exciting liquid diamond flavor from fryd extracts. It contains 2 grams of fine blended THCA and liquid diamond extract. The main strains used in making this exotic vaping flavor are Cactus Cooler strain and purple rocks with a dominant Hybrid strain Tropical runtz.


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